This site links you to our Podcast episodes, which are designed to help you become Enlightened (you may have to click menu button to see them). To become Enlightened is to reach a new level of Spiritual understanding. A level in which consciousness extends far beyond the reach of our five senses. A significantly better and more peaceful world exists on the other side.

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We believe the world is in need of a re-set. We also believe that the more people who reach at least an elementary level of enlightenment, the faster we’ll get there. Our mission is to share our personal journeys in finding enlightenment (through hundreds of hours of study as well as numerous magical experiences), in order to empower you to find enlightenment for yourselves. We leverage this effort by interviewing guests that are experts in their fields, providing you with the most recent facts and philosophies. We believe the re-set will mean a better future, and therefore we strive to get us there faster.

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What People Say

I was very impressed with this Podcast! It was very informative and I wanted to keep listening, even after it was over.

Tom Esplan

Nice Job on the Personality Types Podcast! Although my 30+ year career in Social Work (public school districts), utilized information about personality types, this took it to another level.

Darrell Becker

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